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TNA Comic-Con Party and Tara Underwear
Article By: Kevin Resendes  |  Posted on: July 31, 2011, 5:42am
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- Tara ran in a five kilometer run called the "Undie Dash" Friday night in Chicago. The run is a benefit event for Bright Pink, an organization that empowers young women to take control of their breast and ovarian health. There is a quote from WBBM radio by Tara about her motivation for signing up at

- Ringside Collectibles sent in the following:

Jakks and Impact Wrestling held an invite-only party at San Diego Comic-Con to promote both their promotion and the Jakks Pacific action figure line of current Impact Wrestling stars.

The party had top Impact talents including Christopher Daniels, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Mickie James, Madison Rayne, Kazarian and Eric Young all in attendance. Those in attendance were presented a night of matches and announcements hosted by So Cal Val. Val introduced the talents the entire night and did ring announcing.

First up was a match between Mickie James and Madison Rayne which elicited a pretty big reaction from the crowd. This match was a good back and forth with Madison getting in a lot of heelish crowd interaction and offense. Mickie eventually turned things around and pulled off some great athletic moves before pulling off her finishing DDT for the three count.

Rob Van Dam then came out and revealed his new comic book, "Twisted Perception: Soldiers of Kharma" featuring a title character based on himself seeking justice.

What became probably the highlight of the night was a great three way match between Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Eric Young. Eric Young entered the ring wearing both of the belts he currently "holds" and waited as Christopher Daniels entered wearing a Magneto helmet and cape. Kazarian then entered with Captain America themed tights and a Captain America shield.

The match showcased great X-Division athleticism with plenty of back and forth and even a few high risk maneuvers.

At one point, Eric Young was tossed from the ring leaving Daniels and Kazarian a few minutes for a more direct match. This didn?t last long, however, as eventually the theme music for the 1960′s Batman TV series began to play and Eric Young returned, dressed in a Batman outfit. The match went on a bit longer before Kazarian hit the Fade to Black and won. This was a great match that the live invitees were very into.

Once the match ended, Kurt Angle was brought to the ring and joined by both Impact Wrestling and Jakks Pacific representatives to debut his newest Impact Wrestling action figure as part of the Wounded Warriors project. Three US soldiers were in attendance and presented the first three exclusive Camo Kurt Angle action figures as gifts. A portion of the sales made on this 1 of 3000 exclusive figure would be donated to the Wounded Warriors project. These were unveiled in the middle of the ring as Kurt shook hands with each soldier. This ended the night in terms of events as the talent then provided interviews to media.

Overall a great, unexpected treat of an event that really showed a company who cared about the product they were putting forward.

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Raven was a manager in the WWE that went by the name Johnny Polo.

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