Punk And Heyman Tweet On Lawler RAW Angle
Story By: Kevin Resendes - November 13, 2012, 1:45pm

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- WWE has come under fire from some fans online for last night\'s RAW where they aired the video of EMT\'s working on Jerry Lawler after his recent heart attack. Fans are also voicing their concern over the angle with CM Punk and Paul Heyman mocked Lawler\'s heart attack.

Punk, Heyman and JBL have been tweeting about the angle since last night\'s RAW ended. Here are some comments:

JBL: \"For those whining about Dr Punk last night, I once gave Eddies mom a heart attack on Mothers Day-then set attendance record in LA! #heat\"

CM Punk: \"I saved a mans life. #longliveheyman\"

\"You people are pigs. I saved a mans life tonight. This isn\'t something you joke about. PIGS. #learnCPR\"

\"Fact: @JohnCena is the doctor of thuganomics. I\'m a real doctor, and I know CPR.\"

One fan commented, \"Jesus, Paul Heyman really does hate Jerry Lawler.\" Heyman replied:

\"Jesus already knew that!\"

Another fan commented that Heyman and Lawler will never get along. Heyman replied: