JBL Moves And Gimmicks In Wrestling
Story By: Kevin Resendes - August 13, 2012, 1:42am

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- Former WWE Champion JBL has a new blog up on Facebook talking about the fallaway slam that he used. JBL noted that he copied the slam from someone in Japan and never used it in WWE until Scott Hall left because it was one of the signature moves for Hall\'s Razor Ramon character. JBL then wrote the following about fans discussing his gimmick being stolen by Alberto Del Rio. He also teases the SmackDown commentator job again:

\"I see it used now by others, cool. I didn\'t own it and I didn\'t create it, very little was created in this business so theft is common-but it isn\'t really theft if the guy is gone, which I am and Scott was when I started using it.

I remember the pump handle slam I did, I got it from Scott Steiner, and Road Dogg asked if he could use it for a finish, which of course I agreed. That\'s how things work.

So when Alberto Del Rio steals my gimmick, got no problem with it-I stole it from Ted Dibiase and JR Ewing. Even George Wagner stole things and maybe his whole gimmick-look that one up on \'Gorgeous George\' and Danny McShane (sp?).

Great business, glad to be a part.

Smackdown commentator job? I got mountains to climb first for my kids I work with, but \'never say never\'.\"