CM Punk Do Not Want To Be A Role Model
Story By: Kevin Resendes - August 11, 2012, 4:44am

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CM Punk being WWE Champion: \"Well, to me it means you\'re carrying the company, you\'re putting asses in seats, your kind of toeing the line, and you\'re a leader.\"

Having More Freedom As A Heel: \"I think I\'m more comfortable as a heel, for sure. I think it\'s across the board. Take comic books for instance. All the bad guys, they don\'t have rules they have to abide by. I think good guys anywhere in the world have a set of rules, maybe a code they have to follow. I think when you\'re a bad guy that all goes out the window and you get to have a little bit more fun.\"

Backstage Reaction To His Pipe Bomb Promo: \"I\'d never been that one hundred percent universally accepted in my life. It was all smiles and high fives when I went back there.\"

His Controversial Comment About Jon Jones\'s Nike Deal: \"I have nothing against Jon Jones. You gotta love Twitter, don\'t you?\"

If He Wanted To Be A Role Model: \"No, no because it\'s too easy to screw up. I\'m constantly saying that if kids can get anything positive out of me and my image, that\'s awesome. But I make mistakes and I do stupid stuff all the time too. So I\'m not actively trying to portray myself as a role model. I\'m definitely not telling kids, ?Do what I do, make sure you follow me.\' There\'s no one right way in my opinion. Kids need to find out who they are and they can follow their own path.\"