WWE Not Unifying Titles
Story By: Kevin Resendes - July 23, 2012, 1:50am

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- We noted a few weeks back that WWE officials were talking about unifying the Intercontinental and the United States Titles into one. WWE has reportedly nixed that idea for unknown reasons. For those wondering about the WWE Title and the World Heavyweight Title being unified, sources say there is virtually no chance of that happening.

- John Laurinaitis is expected to return to WWE TV as a character at SummerSlam or once the pay-per-view is over. Laurinaitis continues to work WWE live events. He appeared at last night\'s show in Little Rock, Arkansas and announced that he would be in Big Show\'s corner for the steel cage main event against John Cena. Fans were allowed to vote on Laurinaitis being in Show\'s corner and they voted no. Johnny ended up entering the cage with a chair and catching an Attitude Adjustment from Cena.