Jericho Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Story By: Kevin Resendes - July 13, 2012, 12:29am

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WWE\'s website has a new storyline article up with Chris Jericho, previewing the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a shot at the WWE Title. Here are some quotes:

\"Money in the Bank Ladder Matches can be almost like stunt shows in a lot of ways. But this is not going to be like that. Sometimes there are guys trying to make a name for themselves, so they\'re going to take more and more risks. We\'ve already all made names for ourselves, already have WWE Hall of Fame careers. We\'re not taking risks to prove anything. We have nothing to prove, but we have everything to gain.\"

\"I\'m sure there are still going to be dangerous moments ? there always are. But I think you\'re going to see more intensity, more brutality, with the ladder used more as a weapon, at least that\'s the way that I see it. That\'s my strategy.\"

\"I think you\'re going to see four guys that come out of there feeling every moment of the match, and feeling every moment of our careers. After doing this for 22 years, I get into a match like this knowing that I\'ll feel every match I\'ve had in those 22 years.\"