Board Forcing John Laurinaitis To Wrestle
Story By: Kevin Resendes - June 24, 2012, 1:32am

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- Barry sent word that pre-ordering WWE \'13 from GameStop will get you the Mike Tyson playable character download for free.

- John Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis will main event all of this weekend\'s RAW live events ? Bethlehem, PA, Wheeling, WV and Huntington, WV. The storyline reason that Laurinaitis is working the shows despite being fired is because the Board of Directors are making him fulfill his contract obligations.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane has been moved from the RAW events over to this weekend\'s SmackDown live events. Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio will also main event this weekend\'s SmackDown events ? Springfield, IL and Bloomington, IL.