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The Montrιal Screw Job

It will go down in history as the single most famous finish of a pro wrestling match in the modern era. Twenty or thirty years from now, this story, more than any famous wrestler jumping promotions, more than any prominent death, and more than any record-setting house, will be remembered vividly by all who watched it live, and remembered as legendary from all who hear about it later. Through the magic of video tape, the last minute of this match will live forever and be replayed literally millions of times by tens of thousands of people all looking for the most minute pieces of detail to this strange puzzle. But the story of what led to those few seconds starts more than one year ago, far more reminiscent of the dirty con man past of the industry than the current attempted facade of a multi-million dollar corporate above-board-image those in the industry like to portray.

October 20, 1996 - Bret Hart was in a hotel room in San Jose, CA, hours from making the biggest decision of his life: who would win the biggest bidding war in the history of pro wrestling. He had pretty well leaned toward staying with the World Wrestling Federation despite a much larger offer from World Championship Wrestling, but had changed his mind a few times over the previous two weeks as each side presented new offers. In the waning hours, Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash were trying to convince him to change his mind [by telling him] how great life was with an easier schedule. Many close advisers of Hart tried to tell him going to WCW was the best move for his present, and, more importantly, his future after wrestling. But largely out of loyalty, and that obviously wasn't the only factor involved, he declined the offer.

McMahon, not to lose a very public fight, offered him the famous 20-year contract where he'd, after retirement in about three years, become almost a first lieutenant when it came to the booking process. Hart would earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 million per year as an active wrestler, and a healthy but far lesser figure working in the front office for the 17 years after retirement as an active wrestler. As part of McMahon's offer, he also was going to allow Hart to explain live on television his decision-making process, should he sign with WCW.

Hart flew to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where the WWF (WWE) was holding its live Raw taping after having already verbally agreed to the deal, signed the contract, and gave the interview saying basically that he would be in the WWF (WWE) forever, figuring to be positioned as the top babyface and perennial champion until he finished his active career riding off into the sunset in a blaze of glory, like Hogan and Savage and the rest of the Superstars before him didn't. As is the case in wrestling, not all the promised scenarios that everyone believed were going to transpire as originally planned. And just over one year later, the feelings between McMahon and Bret Hart had taken a 180-degree turn, to the degree nobody would have ever believed.

March 10, 1997 - Top babyface didn't last long as McMahon asked him to turn heel. At first Hart balked at the idea but after three days, McMahon presented him with two lists. One list was his prospective opponents as a babyface: Vader, Mankind, and Steve Austin. The other list was his prospective opponents as a heel: Undertaker, Michaels, and Austin. Hart agreed for drawing money. His opponents as a heel made up a better list and he and McMahon agreed that he would turn back babyface over the last few months of his contract and end his career on a positive note. He and Steve Austin did the double-turn at Wrestlemania. Hart himself then came up with the Anti-American angle, where he would remain a babyface in Canada and Europe and do interviews that would, for the most part, speak the truth, so he could, when the time came to turn back in the U.S., have a reasonable explanation.

September 8, 1997 - Vince McMahon and Bret Hart had their first meeting where McMahon seriously approached Hart about his contract. About three months earlier, McMahon had told Hart that the company was in bad financial straits and that they might have to defer some of the money until later in the contract. This time his approach was more than point blank. He wanted to cut Hart's regular salary, around $30,000 per week, more than in half and defer the rest of the money until later in the contract period when hopefully the company would be in better shape financially. Hart declined the suggestion, because he didn't want to risk not getting the money in the future after he was through taking all the bumps.

September 20, 1997 - About one hour before the beginning of the PPV show in Birmingham, England, McMahon approached Davey Boy Smith and asked him to put over Shawn Michaels that night for the European title. Smith was apparently shocked, having been told all along in the build-up of the show, that Michaels was going to do a job for him, since Europe was promised to be "his territory." The explanation, which made and still makes logical business sense, is that they wanted to build for a bigger show: a second PPV show from Manchester, England, Smith's former home town, where Smith would regain the title -- the same scenario the WWF (WWE) did to draw 60,000 fans in San Antonio with Michaels in the other role working a program with Sycho Sid. So while it all made sense, it was rather strange he wasn't approached with this idea until just before the start of the show.

At around this same time period, McMahon approached Hart about working with Michaels. Hart said that he had a problem with that since Michaels had still never really apologized to him for the Sunny-days comment, and said it would be hard to trust somebody like that in the ring ... and told McMahon that he would figure that Michaels would have the same concerns, since a few weeks earlier after first making it clear he would never work with anyone in the Hart Foundation, Michaels had finally agreed to work with only Smith, saying he still couldn't trust Bret or Owen.

September 22, 1997 - On the day of the Raw taping at Madison Square Garden, McMahon told Bret Hart flat out that they were going to intentionally breach his contract because they couldn't afford the deal. He told a shocked Hart that he should go to World Championship Wrestling and make whatever deal he could with that group. "I didn't feel comfortable doing it," Hart said of the suggestion. "I feel like an old prisoner in a prison where I know all the guards and all the inmates and I have the best cell. Why would I want to move to a new prison where I don't know the guards and the inmates and I no longer have the best cell? I felt really bad after all the years of working for the WWF (WWE)."

Hart had an escape clause in his contract since he had so much negotiating leverage when making his WWF (WWE) deal 11 months earlier, in that he could leave the company giving 30 days notice and that he would have what the contract called "reasonable creative control" of his character during that lame-duck period so that he couldn't be unreasonably buried on the way out.

There was a window period for giving that notice and negotiating elsewhere that hadn't begun yet, so McMahon, showing he was serious, gave Hart written permission to begin negotiating with WCW, and Hart contacted Eric Bischoff. The same day, during a meeting with Hart and McMahon, Michaels told both of them point blank that he wouldn't do any jobs for anyone in the territory.... Michaels later reiterated that statement to Hart on 10/4 in St. Paul when the two agreed that for the good of the business that they'd work together.

At a meeting, McMahon proposed a scenario where the two would have their first singles match in Montreal, where Undertaker would interfere causing a non-finish. This would lead to Hart wrestling Undertaker on the 12/7 PPV in Springfield, MA, where Michaels would interfere causing Bret to win the title, which was poetic justice since it was his interference that caused Bret to win the title in the first place, and that Royal Rumble on 1/8, in San Jose, would be headlined by Undertaker vs. Michaels. During the meeting, Hart told Michaels that he'd be happy to put him over at the end of the run, but Michaels told Hart flat out that he wouldn't return the favor to him. Michaels and Hart spoke again on the subject on 10/12 in San Jose, when once again Michaels told Hart that he wasn't going to do a job for him.

October 11, 1997 - The verbal war in the ring, had gone beyond work. After Michaels claimed Hart was having an affair with blonde bombshell Sunny, the two came to blows in the dressing room. Hart had problems with what he considered the perverted sexual content of the show because he has four children that were wrestling fans.

By this point, Hart and his family had stopped watching RAW (the WWF (WWE) television show) because he was furious with the way Vince had dealt with the death of his friend and fellow wrestler, Brian Pillman. McMahon did a live interview with Pillman's wife on that night's wrestling show, and made it part of a wrestling story line.

October 21, 1997 - McMahon approached Hart with the idea of losing the title to Michaels in Montreal but promised that he would win it back on 12/7. Hart, remembering his conversations where Michaels was adamant about not doing any more jobs in the territory, was reluctant, saying after the way the angle had been done with him representing Canada and it becoming a big patriotic deal, that he didn't want to lose the title in Canada. He was then asked to lose to Michaels on 12/7 in Springfield, MA. Hart told McMahon that since Michaels had told both of them that he wasn't doing any more jobs in the territory, that he had a problem doing a job for somebody who wouldn't do a job back.

Later, McMahon, Pat Patterson, Michaels, and Hart had another meeting where Michaels, teary-eyed, said that he was looking forward to returning the favor to Bret and, once again, talked about his mouth saying the stupidest things. Hart still refused to lose the title in Montreal.

The night before, he had been asked to put Hunter Hearst Helmsley over in Oklahoma City via pin fall due to Michaels' interference, but changed the finish to a count out.

On this night he was asked to tap out to Ken Shamrock, before the DQ ending involving Michaels, which he had no problem doing because he liked and respected Shamrock and wanted to help elevate him.

The personal problems with himself and Michaels, which had become legendary in the business, resurfaced once again when the two and McMahon made an agreement to work together but to leave their respective families out of their interviews. It took just one week before Michaels did the interview talking about Stu Hart being dead but walking around Calgary because his body and brain hadn't figured it out yet.

October 24, 1997 - McMahon, before the show at Nassau Coliseum, told Hart that the money situation in the company had changed and they would have no problems paying him everything promised in his contract. Hart told McMahon that WCW really hadn't made him a serious offer and that he really didn't want to leave but that he was still uncomfortable doing the job for Michaels in that situation.

He left the country for the tour of Oman with the idea that he was staying with the WWF (WWE), but knowing, due to his window in his contract, he had to make the decision to give notice by midnight on 11/1.

October 31, 1997 - Hart surprised McMahon and returned from the middle-east a day earlier than planned. Never one to work without a flair for the dramatics, Bischoff finally caught up with Hart who was basically incommunicado in a foreign land most of the week.

Just one day before Hart had to either give notice or stay for another year, Bischoff made a huge concrete offer: $3 million per year and working one hundred and twenty five days a year, half the days in the WWF (WWE) contract. Hart neither agreed nor turned down the deal, but gave the impression to WCW that they had a great shot at getting him.

November 1, 1997 - Hart had until midnight to make up his mind. He called McMahon and told him about the WCW offer and said that he wasn't asking for anymore money to stay, but that he wanted to know what his future in the WWF (WWE) would be over the next two years as an active wrestler and that at this point he was leaning toward accepting the WCW offer. McMahon said he'd think about it and call him back in an hour with some scenarios. Before McMahon called back, Bischoff called again trying to solidify the deal. McMahon ended up calling back four hours later from his barber shop and told Hart he didn't know what he was going to do with him but that he should trust his judgment because of their past relationship. He said he had made him into a superstar and he wanted him to stay and that he should trust him and asked Hart to give him an idea of where he wanted to go.

During the conversation, McMahon still brought up the scenario of wanting Hart to drop the title in Montreal, but promised that he would get it back in Springfield. "I realized he had given the top heel spot to Shawn, but to turn back babyface, it was too soon," Hart said. Like in the negotiations one year earlier, it was going down to the wire and he had until midnight to make up his mind.

When he was talking to McMahon, McMahon told him he could extend the deadline for giving notice. Hart asked for the permission in writing but McMahon told him that he was going out to a movie that night with his wife and said he was verbally giving permission to extend it and get written permission from the chief financial officer of the company. When Hart called to get the written notice he wasn't given it because he was told he couldn't get it in writing in such short notice.

At 7pm, Bischoff called again and presented a deal that, according to Hart, "would have been insane not to be taken." At that point Hart was really having mixed emotions. He somehow felt bad about leaving the WWF (WWE) and was hoping McMahon would lay out a good set of scenarios for him and convince him to stay. At 9pm, McMahon called and, reversing fields once again, urged him to take the WCW offer. Hart told him that his heart was with the company and it would break his heart to leave, and that he appreciated everything McMahon and the company had done for him.

McMahon told Hart that he wanted him back as a babyface, and had been wanting him to turn babyface for two or three months but just hadn't brought it up until this point. He then presented a scenario to Hart, presenting it as a way to get Hart to stay, but obviously designed to get Hart to take the WCW offer. He wanted Michaels to win the title in Montreal. For Springfield, they would do a final four match with him, Michaels, Undertaker, and Ken Shamrock, that Michaels would again win. At the Royal Rumble, the two would have a ladder match, which Michaels would win. On Raw, on 1/19 in Fresno, CA, Hart would open the show and say that if he couldn't beat Michaels and win the title that night, that he would retire from wrestling, and in that match he would regain the title. And then in Boston at Wrestlemania he'd drop the strap to Austin. Hart looked at the scenario of four major losses with only one win and before his midnight deadline, gave official notice to the WWF (WWE) and signed the contract WCW had sent over, with the agreement from all parties that the word wouldn't leak out until 11/10 to protect the Survivor Series PPV. Hart went so far as to have his few confidants sign written confidentiality letters to make sure word of his negotiations and signing with WCW didn't get out until 11/10.

November 2, 1997 - Hart and McMahon started a very amicable conversation with the pressure finally off and the decision for Hart to leave having been made. He again suggested that Michaels win the title in Montreal and in what will go down as perhaps the ultimate irony, said they could do a screw job ending to steal the title from him, and that the next night, on Raw, McMahon suggested the two get into a mock argument where Hart would punch him, blaming him for the screw job. McMahon even suggested to hardway him to make it look legit. Hart again refused to do the job in Montreal, saying that he had never refused to do a job but he wasn't going to lose on Sunday or Monday (at Raw in Ottawa). Hart made it clear that to lose in Canada would be an insult to his Canadian fans, and would destroy the "Hitman" character in Canada. He said he was a hero in Canada, and wouldn't do the job there. He agreed to put Michaels over in Madison Square Garden on 11/15, Springfield or anywhere else and said he'd put over Vader, Shamrock, Mankind, Undertaker or even Steve Lombardi.

McMahon then made legal threats to Hart if he wouldn't lose in Montreal. Hart talked about the clause in his contract giving him "reasonable creative control" but McMahon claimed that refusing to drop the strap in Montreal wasn't "reasonable."

The two argued about the finish in Montreal and the legalities of their respective positions all day Sunday and well into the night before finally agreeing to do a DQ finish in Montreal. Then in Springfield, in the final four match, Michaels would win the title. Bret would then go out on Raw on 12/8 in Portland, ME and give a farewell interview as a babyface to the WWF (WWE) fans and put the company and McMahon over as big as possible. He would apologize to the American fans and try to reasonably explain his actions in a way to end his 14-year association with the WWF (WWE) on the highest note possible, something largely unheard of in pro wrestling, so that all parties and the fans could come out if it and his legacy with the company with a good feeling. Technically there was a problem in that his WCW contract began on 12/1 so Hart called Bischoff, who when presented the scenario, agreed to allow him to work through 12/8 with Titan.

Hart asked an associate who monitors news for him if he thought it was possible to keep the secret from the public until 11/10. Hart specifically asked about being able to keep it secret from one person until after the show and the associates laughed and said they would bet a million dollars that person already knew.

November 4, 1997 - McMahon called Hart and said that he had changed his mind. He suggested now that Michaels should lose clean in Montreal, then he'd "steal" the title with a controversial finish in Springfield and Hart would get to do his farewell speech in Portland. He said he was going to call Michaels and present the scenario to him.

By this point word that Hart had signed with WCW had actually been reported the previous night on the Observer and Torch hotlines. In response, WWF (WWE) Canada released a press statement originally totally denying the story, claiming it was simply propaganda being spread by WCW. However, as the word got out, Titan Sports in Connecticut, a few hours later, contradicted that story saying simply that Bret Hart was exploring all his options but not going any further, with the feeling that they wanted to protect the PPV show. Hart wouldn't publicly talk to anyone.

November 5, 1997 - The internet had paved the way for stories in the Calgary Sun, the Toronto Sun and one line in the Montreal Gazette in a PPV preview story about Steve Austin, a line which resulted in the paper getting an incredible switchboard-blowing response of phone calls. McMahon called Hart and said that Michaels had agreed to the previous day's scenario, but that now he had changed his mind. He said the news was out everywhere and that Bret had to drop the belt before Monday because he couldn't have Bischoff go on television on 11/10 and announce the signing of his world champion while he still had the belt. Hart said that he would get Bischoff to postpone the announcement, but with Bischoff on a hunting trip all week in Wyoming, Hart couldn't get a hold of him.

McMahon then asked Hart to drop the title on 11/8 at the house show in Detroit. Hart again refused, feeling the way everything had been built up, he wanted the match with Michaels, which in the wake of all the insider publicity was building up a life of its own like no match in the recent history of wrestling, to not come off as anti-climatic and for that to happen he needed to go into Montreal as champion. He said that he would drop the title any time after 11/12 suggesting he'd do it at the house shows in Youngstown, OH on 11/13, Pittsburgh on 11/14, or in Madison Square Garden if they wanted it that soon rather than wait for 12/7.

Jim Ross on the company's 900 line acknowledged the statement that Hart was exploring other options, said that nobody knows the real story, and in hyping the big match tossed in the phrase they'd be pushing in the final days leading up to the match, "It will be their first meeting in 18 months, and most likely the final match between the two ever."

November 6, 1997 - In a story in the Toronto Sun, Tiger Ali Singh, at a press conference promoting the WWF (WWE) house show the next night in Toronto said of Hart's leaving, "It's very disheartening. He's not only been a mentor, but I've been a great admirer of him since I was a kid, and if he leaves you're going to see a whole bunch of other people leaving. And I'm not going to mention any names but WCW has been approaching a lot of people."

November 7, 1997 - There is no questioning that the power of on-line services, when it comes to influence of pro wrestling, was established this past week. It was generally portrayed that it was a power struggle between Hart and Michaels, that Michaels had won out, and to a lesser extent Hart was leaving over the direction of the product. While there was some truth to all of this, probably the greatest truth of all is it was simply a manipulation by McMahon to get out of a contract that in hindsight he wished he'd never offered.

Michaels, who the wrestlers feel has McMahon's ear right now, has convinced him that what turned around WCW is Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and not Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper, and that he ... and the company should do what [Nash and Hall] did to get the WCW over. There is also a feeling amongst WWF (WWE) wrestlers that Michaels pushed McMahon in the direction to rid the company of his hated rival, who had apparently one-upped him when signing the new deal that made him so much higher paid. Maybe it was simply economics because the company is in financial straits. Hart did have a lot of problems over the direction of the company and his own decision was partially made based on that, but it's clear in hindsight that McMahon had a strong hand in manipulating Hart's decision to get out of the contract. In the vast majority opinion on-line from people who really had no clue as to what was really going on, Titan, McMahon and Michaels were coming off as major heels.

The WWF (WWE)'s own on-line site, said to be the domain of young kids with no clue about wrestling, was besieged with reports about Hart leaving; and the so-called "marks" were reacting very negatively toward Titan to the point Titan pulled all its folders by the early afternoon which caused another outcry of censorship of opinions from wrestling fans. Finally McMahon responded publicly on-line with a letter of his own stating

Over the past few days I have read certain comments on the Internet concerning Bret Hart and his ‘alleged’ reasons for wanting to pursue other avenues than the World Wrestling Federation to earn his livelihood. While I respect the ‘opinions’ of others, as owner of the World Wrestling Federation I felt that it was time to set the record straight.

As it has been reported recently on line, part of Bret Hart's decision of pursuing other options is allegedly due to his concerns with the ‘direction’ of the World Wrestling Federation. Whereby each and every individual is entitled to his or her opinion I take great offense when the issue of the direction of the World Wrestling Federation is raised.

In the age of sports entertainment, the World Wrestling Federation REFUSES to insult its audience in terms of ‘Baby Faces’ and ‘Heels.’ In 1997, how many people do you truly know that are strictly ‘good’ guys or ‘bad’ guys? World Wrestling Federation programming reflects more of a reality based product in which life, as well as World Wrestling Federation superstars are portrayed as they truly are -- in shades of gray ... not black or white.

From what I am reading it has been reported that Bret may be concerned about the morality issues in the World Wrestling Federation. Questionable language, Questionable gestures, Questionable sexuality, Questionable racial issues. Questionable? All of the issues mentioned above are issues that every human being must deal with everyday of their lives. Also, with that in mind, please be aware that Bret Hart has been cautioned -- on ‘numerous’ occasions -- to alter his language by not using expletives or God's name in vain. He was also told -- on numerous occasions -- not to use certain hand gestures some might find offensive.

My point is: regardless of what some are reporting, Bret's decision to pursue other career options IS NOT genuinely a Shawn Michaels direction issue, as they would like you to believe! In the personification of DeGeneration X, Shawn Michaels character is EXPECTED to be living on the edge -- which I might add Mr. Michaels portrays extremely well. The issue here is that the ‘direction’ of the World Wrestling Federation is not determined by Shawn Michaels, OR Bret Hart for that matter. It is determined by you -- the fans of the World Wrestling Federation.

You DEMAND a more sophisticated approach! You DEMAND to be intellectually challenged! You demand a product with ATTITUDE and as owner of this company -- it is my responsibility to give you exactly what you want!

Personally, I regret the animosity that has built up between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, but in the end, it is the World Wrestling Federation that is solely responsible for the content of this product -- NOT Bret Hart -- NOT Shawn Michaels -- NOT Vince McMahon for that matter.

May the best man win at the Survivor Series!

This only made the situation worse in regard to how fans were viewing McMahon and the company. "You demand to be intellectually challenged?" By doing racial angles? The fans chose that direction? They asked to see Michaels pull his pants down and jump up and down on television?

Hart was booked for his first public appearance before the house show that night at the Sky Dome in Toronto. He was on a half hour TSN (The Sports Network, the Canadian version of ESPN) talk show called "Off the Record." Host Michael Landsberg opened the show saying the show had received more than 1000 calls to ask Hart if he was leaving for WCW. Despite the word being out everywhere by this point, Hart would only go so far as to say that he had given his 30 day notice to the WWF (WWE), that he's reviewing offers from both groups and is strongly leaning going one way. "I'd like to really come more clean on this as I can, you know, that I have, but I have to do this thing by the book kind of thing." Hart categorized the split as not being a money issue but said that he and the WWF (WWE) had reached kind of a crisis or we've reached professional differences as to what direction that the wrestling shows are taking. You know, I'm not saying I'm always right, but I feel that some of the content of the shows goes against my belief in what wrestling should be and can be.

Later in the show he criticized Michaels and then stated that wrestling is often scoffed at as a form of entertainment sometimes, or it used to be. I believe it came way up and I was very proud in the direction which has a lot to do with where I am right now today. Wrestling was cleaned up and it became something families could watch.

He talked about inner workings of the business having to trust the guy you are working with because you give them your body and said the real animosities and hatred that exists have to be set aside. He said that everything he has said about Shawn Michaels is about the Shawn Michaels character, but said that Michaels has said things that have hit a raw nerve with him to the point it was unprofessional.

The show aired the footage of the Shawn Michaels interview where he blamed the Hart Foundation for trashing the NOD dressing room and insinuating that Hart was a racist. Hart said that he doesn't blame Michaels for that. "That's obviously a promotional direction and that's a poor concept. I think that racial tension is something to be very careful with." Hart said that he stopped watching Raw about five weeks earlier because he didn't like the direction and agreed when the host brought up Michaels calling him the Grand Wizard (a KKK reference, not a reference to a famous wrestling manager of the 70s) and then brought up what Michaels said about his father that he didn't see.

You know I don't mind if anyone pokes fun at my dad. Jerry Lawler's made a living the last two or three years saying comments about my mom and dad but he's always fairly humorous about it. Actually I used to get offended at some of the things he used to say about my mother -- until I realized that my mother thought they were humorous and it was kind of OK with me.

He then spoke at length about Brian Pillman.

... For all of Hart and McMahon's wanting to keep the story quiet, word getting out was the greatest thing for the buy rate. There were 14,374 fans paying $496,674 at the Sky Dome one night before the show.... Obviously some fans knew and there were chants of "you sold out" directed at Hart. Although this should have been expected and Hart had been a pro wrestler for 21 years, and been around the business a lot longer than that, the chants in his home country, knowing what he was going through, did get to him.

The main event was a six-man tag with Undertaker & Mankind & Austin vs. Bret & Smith & Neidhart, subbing for brother Owen who was supposed to start back but wasn't ready to return after a severe concussion from a few weeks earlier. Bret was asked to do the job for the Stone Cold stunner, debated the question for a while then refused figuring he was the only Canadian in the main event in the U.S. vs. Canada type match with the big nationalistic angle and Austin ended up using the stunner on Neidhart instead.

November 8, 1997 - The WWF (WWE) ran a house show in Detroit at Cobo Arena for what would turn out to be Bret Hart's final match in the United States as a wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation.

Tensions were really high and the prospect of a double-cross were looming by this time in many of the more paranoid types. But really this was 1997 and this was the World Wrestling Federation. That's stuff from the 20's where the real bad guy low-lives were running the business. The days of making Lou Thesz world champion because you needed someone who could handle himself in the case of a double-cross had been over for more than three decades.

That day Hart went to the one member of the front office he knew he could trust: Earl Hebner. While there are what you call a lot of good acquaintances in this business, Hart and Hebner were genuine close friends for years. Hart said he'd use his influence to get Hebner to referee the match because he wanted someone in the ring that he could trust. Hebner said he understood the situation and told Hart, "I swear on my kids' lives that I'd quit my job before double-crossing you." On a personal basis a little more than 24 hours later, remembrance of that conversation crushed him more than anything.

At about the same time the WWF (WWE) braintrust was in Montreal one day early. Vince McMahon held a meeting at the hotel with Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, Pat Patterson and Michaels. Reports are that at least two of the aforementioned names looked extremely uncomfortable leaving the meeting.

Ross on the WWF (WWE) 900 line filed a report saying due to the tension between Hart and Michaels that there would be armed security backstage and the two would dress as far apart from each other as possible. That was a total work since Michaels and Hart actually dressed together and were on professional terms the next afternoon. He also said that McMahon was not going to announce the show and instead would be handling any last-minute problems backstage. Ross also hinted that it could be Hart's final match in the World Wrestling Federation -- something Hart at that point wasn't aware of.

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Al Snow is well trained in martial arts, mat grappling, free style, hardcore, and shoot-fight wrestling.

Broken necks, splattered patellas, severed arteries: These are the things from which dreams are made of.

- Road Warrior Hawk

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