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Wrestler Finishers


‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin: Stone Cold Stunner
Val Venis: Moneyshot
Shawn Michaels: Sweet Chin Music
Triple H: The Pedigree
X-Pac: Spinning Heel Kick or X-Factor (Bulldog Face Buster)
LOD 2000: Devastation Device
Animal: Off the Top Rope Powerslam
Hawk: Flying Lariat
Edge: Downward Spiral
Marc Mero: TKO or Marvelocity
D-Lo Brown: ‘Low-down’ Frogsplash or Sky-high Powerbomb
Godfather: Pimp Drop or Hoe Trian
Mark Henry: Big Splash or Powerslam
The Rock: Rock Bottom or The People's Elbow
Faarooq: The Dominator
Scorpio: 450 Splash or Moonsault
Cactus Jack: Double-Arm DDT
Mankind: Mandible Claw
Dude Love: Sweet Shin Music followed by Double-Arm DDT
Ken Shamrock: Ankle Lock Submission
Disciples of Apocalypse (DOA): Double DDT or a Face Slam
Skull: Big Boot
8-Ball: Big Boot
Dan Severn: Sleeper-Choke Hold (Dragon Sleeper)
New Age Outlaws: Rocker Dropper, Top-Rope Leg Drop or Backdrop Neckbreaker Combination
‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn: fame-ass-er
‘Road-dog’ Jesse James: Knee Drop
Golga: The Cannonball
Headbangers: Stagedive
Thrasher: Moonsault or a Top-Rope Leg Drop
Undertaker: The Last Ride
Kane: Tombstone Piledriver
Brakkus: Spinebuster
Taka Michinoku: Michinoku Driver
Bradshaw: Clothesline from HelL
Scotty2Hotty: The Worm
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler: Piledriver
Owen Hart: Sharpshooter
Steve Blackman: The Guillotine
Papi Chulo: Rana
Dustin Runnels: Bulldog
Droz: Jumping Bomb
Hardcore Holly: Top-Rope Body Splash
Tiger Ali Singh: Neckbreaker
Sho Funaki: Flying Headbutt or Fisherman Buster
Steven Regal: Regal Stretch (STF)
Princess Luna: Diving Headbutt
Sable: ‘Sable-Bomb’ Powerbomb
Gangrel: Implant DDT
Stevie Richards: Stevie Kick
Goldust: Curtain Call
Mideon: Problem Solver (Reverse DDT)
Jacqueline: Figure-4 Leg Lock or a DDT
Blue Blazer: Sharpshooter
Hardy Boys: Leg Drop/Splash Combo
Viscera: Splash
Rikishi Phatu: Rikishi Driver Lita: Huricanranna Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb Matt Hardy: Twist of Fate Chyna: Downstairs Chyna Chris Benoit: Crippler Cossface Kurt Angle: Olympic Slam Chris Jericho: Walls of Jericho or Lionsault Test: Pump-handle Slam Shane McMahon: Flying Elbow Christian: Modified Reverse DDT
Dudley Boyz: 3D - Dudley Death Drop
Al Snow: Snow Plow
Blue Meanie: Meanie-Sault
Johnny Grunge: Spinebuster
Rocco Rock: Drive-By
Paul Wright: Chokeslam
The Godfather: The Pimp Drop


Hulk Hogan: Atomic Leg Drop
Macho Man Randy Savage: Flying Elbow Drop
Meng: Tongan Death Grip
Masa Chono: STF
Kevin Nash: Jack-knife Powerbomb
Scott Hall: Outsiders Edge
Sting: Scorpion Death Drop or Scorpion Death Lock
Rey Mysterio Jr: Hurricanrana Pin
Dean Malenko: Texas Cloverleaf
Raven: Even Flow DDT
Riggs: Five Arm or No Remorse
Van Hammer: Hammer Throw
Juventud Guerrera: 450 Splash or Juvi Driver
Eddie Guerrero: Frogsplash
Chavo Guerrero Jr: Tornado DDT
Saturn: Rings of Saturn
Lodi: Spinning DDT
Kidman: Shooting Star Press
Barbarian: Kick of Fear
Hugh Morrus: No Laughing Matter
Alex Wright: German Suplex or Reverse Neckbreaker
Scott Norton: Powerbomb
Mike Enos: Whirly Bird
‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan: ‘3-Point Stance’ Tackle or Old Glory Knee Drop
Scott Steiner: Steiner Recliner
Rick Steiner: Top-Rope Bulldog
Diamond Dallas Page: Diamond Cutter
Wrath: Meltdown
Glacier: Cryonic Kick
Lex Luger: Torture Rack
Curt Hennig: ‘Hennig-plex’ Fisherman Suplex
Bret Hart: Sharpshooter
Konnan: Tequila Sunrise
Ric Flair: Figure-4 Leg Lock
La Parka: Top-Rope Body Splash, Chair Shot or Moonsault
Kanyon: The Flatliner
Booker T: Harlem Sidekick or Missile Drop kick
Stevie Ray: Slapjack
Disciple: Apocalypse Stunner
Buff Bagwell: Buff Blockbuster
‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper: Sleeperhold
Fit Finley: Tombstone Piledriver
Psychosis: Guillotine Leg Drop
Disco Inferno: Chartbuster or ‘Party Crasher’ Jumping Piledriver
Larry Zbysko: Larry Land Dreamer
Super Calo: Top-Rope Ankle Scissors
Vampiro: ‘Nail in the Coffin’
Horace Boulder: Full Nelson Slam
Scott Putski: Putski Bomb
Lenny Lane: Memory Lane (Full Nelson Slam)
Barry Horowitz: Ankle Lock or Horowitz Cradle
Jerry Flynn: Lightling Foot
Norman Smiley: Norman Conquest
Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller: Feliner
Damien: Suplex-Neckbreaker
High Voltage: Power Surge (Flying Clothesline onto raised opponent)
‘Sgt.’ Buddy Lee Parker: Flying Knee Drop
Bobby Blaze: Northern Lights Suplex
Dave Taylor: Butterfly Suplex
Chris Adams: Superkick
The Armstrongs: Missile Drop Kick
Silver King: Somersault Leg Drop
Evan Kourageous: 450 Splash
Barry Darsow: Barely Legal
Johnny Swinger: Somersault Leg Drop
Kendall Windham: Lariat ‘O’ Doom or the Mulligan
Villano V: Flying Cross-Body Block or Standing Leg Drop
Villano IV: Flying Cross-Body Block or Standing Leg Drop
Bobby Eaton: Alabama Jam
John Nord: Camel Clutch
Horshu: Rope-Walk Elbow Drop
Lizmark Jr: Asai Moonsault (Cartwheel Moonsault)
El Dandy: Mahistral Cradle or the Hand of Stone
Brad Armstrong: Side Russian Leg Sweep
Lorenzo: Bridge Suplex or Top-Rope Sunset Flip
Disorderly Conduct: Double Axhandle/Neckbreaker Combo
Scott Armstrong: Superkick
Steve Armstrong: Missile Dropkick
Cyclope: Pendulum Swing
Nick Dinsmore: Top-Rope Splash
Chad Fortune: Fujiwara Armbar
Hector Garza: Standing Moonsault
Kenny Kaos: Power Surge
Mean Mike: Reverse Neckbreaker
Tokyo Magnum: Air Tokyo
Rage: Blackout
Mark Star: Shooting Starr
Chase Tatum: Backbreaker
Scott D’Amour: Gedo Clutch Pin
Bam Bam Bigelow: Greetings from Asbury Park (Reverse Piledriver)
Shane Douglas: Belly-to-Belly Suplex


Rob Van Dam: Van Daminator or Split Legged Moonsault or 5 Star Frog Splash
Sabu: Triple Jump Moonsault
Taz: Taz-Mission
Chris Candido: Blonde Bombshell
Justin Credible: That’s Credible (Reverse Corkscrew Piledriver)
Jerry Lynn: Tombstone
Mike Awesome: Awesome Bombs
Masato Tanaka: Roaring Elbow or Tornado DDT
Dudley Boys: Dudley Death-Drop
Spike Dudley: Acid Drop
Tommy Dreamer: DDT
Supernova: Novacaine
Lance Storm: Leaping Side Kick
New Jack: Gangsta Splash
Mikey Shipwreck: Whippersnapper
Chris Chetti: Double Springboard Moonsault
John Kronus: 450 Splash
Big Sal E. Graziano: Samoan Drop
Balls Mahoney: The Nutcracker Suite
Brian Lee: Choke Slam
Buh Buh Ray Dudley: Buh Buh Cutter
Big Dick Dudley: Total Penetration (Double Arm Choke Slam into Tigerbomb)
The Dudleys: Dudley Death Drop
The Pitbulls: Powerbomb
Stevie Richards: Stevie Kick
911: Choke Slam
Tommy Rogers: Tomikaze
Super Nova and Blue Meanie: Blue Light Special
Doug Furnas: Power Hoist
Uganda: Top Rope Splash
Axl Rotten: SST

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Diamond Dallas Page credits Bobby "The Brain" Heenen for coming up with the name Diamond cutter.

Hey Billy Gunn, you're a human vacuum cleaner: You manage to suck and blow at the same time!

- Edge

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